Coming at you from Japan, here are some outstanding summer goods from Reggie Shop.

BUZZ RICKSON’S - Sateen Army Shirt

Buzz Rickson's are masters at authentic military reproductions. These shirts never stop being cool. Everybody else will think this is vintage, but you know better, don't you?

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SASSAFRAS - Gardener Pants

Nice indigo shorts here from Sassafras. I know you won't be doing any gardening in these, but enjoy the unique vibe that this brand lends to its clothing.

Buy these shorts here

DOUBLE RL - Indigo Linen Overshirt

Another layer here, for this perfectly perfect outfit. You know Double RL, so just buy it.

Just buy it here.

BIRKENSTOCK - Zurich(Blue)

Birkenstocks are the best, and I'm currently vibing on the Zurichs. I love this blue color, especially with this perfectly perfectly perfect outfit.

You can get these here.


I suppose if I'm going to do this I need to learn Japanese. I'm so hooking you up today.

Throw it in your cart, good to go.