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Iconic Things: RRL Cardigan Dreams

Iconic Things: RRL Cardigan Dreams

RRL Cardigans are fantastic.

Cortis Loukes
Cortis Loukes

Over the years I've found cardigans to be one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe. And one of the best cardigans you can find in terms of pure style are the RRL versions. They are instantly recognizable by those that know, and those that don't know can also recognize the quality and uniqueness.

RRL releases new designs and versions of these on a yearly basis. Some are hand-knit (more expensive), and some are made by machine, but many of the designs are just plain gorgeous. I find that when I see someone out and about in one of these sweaters, I stop and look.

Let's take a look at some of my favorite RRL Cardigans.

Here's a current iteration I've been drooling on myself about.

Here's one I almost bought on sale and kick myself for not.

This one is incredible, from a few years back. You'll notice I enjoy the blue.

Yet another, with a zipper.

More indigo. This one is the real classic, and they reissue it occasionally. Possibly the best of the whole bunch!

Ok, I like the red, too. My mom used to say I looked good in red. I would look good in this.

Oh jeez, look at this one. I am going to find a red one and buy it, it's settled.

Ok, it's settled. You and I will both get one.

See you out there in the world, with our cardigans.